Dethom powdered sugar 500g

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 As you can see this is quite simply a packet of Dethom powdered sugar. Look, there aren't 100 thousand descriptions of this kind of sugar, but as an agent of La Mater I can just tell you buy it, you might like it.
PS: If you have come across this product and are currently still reading when there is nothing more of interest to say, then you must be really bored. Go out, see your family or friends, do something constructive. Although you can do whatever you want as well, after all I'm just an agent, I don't even know who you are. In short, I wish you a successful end to your purchases, this description is getting a little too long.


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The points of sale are the markets of Mvog-Betsi, Essos and Mokolo. In the urban center we find it very early in the morning at the small market