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Pack: Braised mackerel

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La Mater offers you a pack that will allow you to prepare your braised mackerel with the accompaniments that go with it (cassava sticks; apple or plantain fries). Order and have all the ingredients delivered to you the next day.Consume at breakfast, lunch and even dinner.




  • 3kg of large mackerels (6600)
  • 10 Cassava sticks, or Wall apple or plantain fries (1500frs)
  • 0,5l of oil (750frs)
  • 250g of salt (200frs)
  • 8 basil branches (200frs)
  • 6 parsley branches (200frs)
  • 4 large onions (400frs)
  • 250g garlic (600)
  • 100g of ginger (150frs)
  • 10 grains of djansang (150frs)
  • 6 pebè grains (100frs)
  • 6 washer seeds (150frs)
  • 5 pieces of sèssèh or 4 sides (150frs)
  • 10 peppers (200)




Delivered to you tomorrow if you order and pay now.

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