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Containment pack

Usual price 117,000 FCFA
Usual price Sale price 117,000 FCFA
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containment pack




The mater offers you here a one month pack for a family of 5-7 members.




Products List


On this list you will find two types of products: food and household products.

  1. Food Products
  • 25kg fragrant broken rice (16000fcfa)
  • 5 packages (500g) of spaghetti (2750fcfa)
  • 5l of mayor oil (9000fcfa)
  • 5kg mackerel fish (10 500fcfa)
  • 2kg of beef (boneless) (9000fcfa)
  • an egg cell (2200fcfa)
  • 4 piles of Tomatoes (2200fcfa)
  • 1/4kg garlic (1200cfa)
  • large pile of onions (1100fcfa)
  • bucket of 5l peanuts (4950fcfa)
  • 5l bucket of red bean (4850fcfa)
  • 2,5l bucket of corn flour (1900fcfa)
  • 5l bucket of cassava flour (2200fcfa) 
  • 5l of white tapioca (3500fcfa)
  • 450g of powdered gingers (4950fcfa)
  • 1 bunch of peppers (550fcfa)
  • 1 bunch of leeks (550fcfa)
  • 18kg bag of salt (3300fcfa)
  • heap of peppers (550fcfa)
  • 2 bunch lemons (1100fcfa)
  • 2 whole chickens (12000fcfa)
  • 0,5kg of smoked cod (3850fcfa)
  • herring or mbounga (1100fcfa)
  • dried crayfish (1100fcfa)
  • 1l palm oil (1000fcfa)
  • 2 plantain diets (7000fcfa)
  • 2 packs of cassava sticks (1300fcfa)
     2.   Household products


    • 2l Bleach the cross (1950fcfa)
    • 10 azure soaps (3500fcf)
    • 1kg Madar detergent (1650fcfa)
    • packing bag (700fcfa)




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