Cassava or bobolo stick

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     The bobolo is made from cassava ou placali, which is fermented and packed in banana leaves. Its unique taste is not only good, but also low in fat, it can easily replace rice as an accompaniment.

The bobolo is:

  • low in fat
  • high fiber content
  • goes well with various dishes and grills
  • go well with the ndole and roasted fish

    In fact, not really. Indeed, the high carbohydrate content found in cassava is mainly due to light starch which does not really affect blood sugar. In addition, containing only little protein and fat as demonstrated above, cassava can easily be incorporated into a weight loss diet. Another important element: its rich fiber content. With nearly 38 g of fiber per 100 g, cassava has a significant satiating power. In other words, it is enough to consume a little to be satiated. This is another significant advantage for people who want to lose weight. We can therefore safely say that cassava does not really make you fat. On the contrary, it can be very useful for keeping the line.

In addition to the elements detailed above, bobolo (more generally cassava) is also rich in various nutrients: potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, etc. These give it a very interesting nutritional value. In addition, the fibers and starch present in cassava are very beneficial for the digestive system and make it a good ally for people suffering from ulcers, heartburn.