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Compared to the bananas dessert, the plantain is generally larger and longer, its flesh is a little pink and is a little poorer sucre but much richer in starch, which makes it firmer, giving it a good resistance to cooking. Although just as tasty raw as the first, their flesh is firmer and it is rather customary to consume them after cooking because they remain whole and serve as starch to accompany dishes. meat, chicken et fish.

En Sub-Saharan Africa, plantain is most often eaten at maturity, boiled, grilled or fried. Cooked before full maturity, it is at this stage firmer and less sweet with a texture quite close to the floury tubers. It must be bleached (boiled salted water) to be peeled and then frying or used in stews such as potatoes. They can be served whole or mashed, fried in theoil (they are then called allocos), cut in their length or in thin slices like chips, strung on skewers, in small cylinders alternated with small cubes of meat, etc. You can also fry in oil after crushing and mixing with a little flour, it gives claclo. They can also be sliced ​​and dried, with a little salt.