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Freshwater fish ndomba (Ndockbidi recipe)

Freshwater fish ndomba (Ndockbidi recipe)

Freshwater fish ndomba


 - Fish
- Odzom (ginger leaf)
- Osim (small-leaf basil)
- Mesep (wild basil)
- Onions
- A tomato
- 1 little oil (for the pot version)
- 1 chilli
- Salt


- Clean the fish and salt it;

- For the pot version Crush all the spices and the tomato

- Do the same for the papillote version without the tomato that you dice

- Mix all the ingredients and season the fish;

- For the pot version, Add a drizzle of oil, Coat the bottom of the pan or the leaves with odzom arrange the fish in the banana leaves or in the pan.

- For the papillote version, place the odzom leaves at the bottom of the papillote, place the fish and then the diced tomato on top

- Put the fish and all the mixture of the crushed and cut condiments in the pan or the banana leaves. For cooking in a saucepan, add one to 2 glasses of water

- In a pot, cook over low heat for 20 minutes.

- en papillote, put one at the bottom of the pot and place your papillotes on it, cook for approx. 1 hour over medium heat

- Adjust the seasoning and serve and accompany with crushed or steamed plantain.

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