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The Mater Service: instructions for use

The Mater Service: instructions for use

You do not know how to place an order? We explain everything in detail in this little manual.

Choose your products

To begin, make your basket. For this you can either click on "all products" (3) and browse the list of products (it is convenient if you do not know exactly what you want) or type the name of the product you are looking for in the bar of search (2).

Once the product is found, click "buy now" if it's the only product you want to order or "add to cart" to continue shopping.

Where and how to deliver?

Now that the basket is made, access it by clicking on the icon (2). Before proceeding to the payment, you can add details to your order (details on products, delivery schedules etc ...) in the field "special instructions for the order".

When you click on "proceed to payment", you are directed to the page where you will enter your necessary details to ensure delivery.

The image opposite shows you how to fill out the form. The email to fill is yours but all other information is relative to the person who will receive the order.

Continue to shipping mode to choose between express and standard deliveries, between deliveries with and without greeting card.

At the register !

The fateful moment;) Several payment methods are available to you. choose the one that suits you best. 

We recommend PayPal payment for our diaspora friends to minimize currency conversion fees. After confirming your order, you will receive an email specifying the amount to be paid by EUROS. 

Come on, everything is ready, we are ready to deliver, get ready to receive us ^ _ ^


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