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How does it work?

How does it work?


Hello everyone !

I hope you are well ;)

So ... Big desire for fruit? Of meat ? Need spices for your next kitchen masterpiece? You are right in the right place!

You can browse through the collections above to find everything you are looking for and even more;)

Then make your choice among our fresh products sorted by La Mater among the best on the market to satisfy you :)


Oh good! You know exactly what you want ?? Are you in a hurry and you do not have time to search? No problem ;)


The search tool allows you to find what you want at the moment;)

Each product has special options that you can select.


You do not know what you will cook tomorrow? You want a dish that you do not know how to cook :(? No problem :)

Here we present a selection of the best cooking recipes from La Mater;)


But how do we end our shopping then :(? No problem :)


Just go to your cart. The first product added represents shipping costs. It is automatically add to all baskets :)

You can click on checkout to proceed with the payment;)

Login credentials will be required. If you do not have an account, create one, nothing easier! ;)

Then enter the requested information. We will need it to make the delivery of your order. Fields marked "optional" are optional. Once the form is completed, click "Continue to Shipping Mode."

The only shipping method available at the moment is "Standard Delivery" :)

Click "Continue to payment method" :)

Payment is made via Mobile Money or directly upon delivery. If you use Mobile money you will have to make the payment using the details specified in the confirmation email that you will receive after having clicked on the button "Validate the payment". 
Your order will be validated when the payment has been made.


Here !! All you have to do is go about your daily business, and La Mater will take care of everything;)

Feel free to leave us comments or to contact us via this online form !! ;)

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It is very interesting as an initiative but the delivery time is how long?


It look good. But i need more information about your produts. Example: tea deliver to my product should i pay him?


Great idea. It looks cool. I'm going to try


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