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Life will never be the same !!

Life will never be the same !!



After the two great wars and the reconstruction of the world, the euphoria is great. Progress returns and states enter a race without brake towards technological development. The advent of the Internet accelerates the process and the 2008 crisis fails to stop the race of civilization. Until the end of 2019, an epidemic occurs which will soon become a pandemic and forever change our habits.


1- The era of online work.

Many companies have already lent themselves to the benefits of remote working. From now on, asking to telecommute will no longer be that rare. Some will even be able to negotiate a remote working day per week. The crisis can have the effect of modifying certain work habits or even changing the nature of your missions. It is therefore important that you can develop transversal skills such as computer skills, management of online presentations ...

2- Do we touch each other or not?

Even after the crisis has passed, we expect to have friends, colleagues who will no longer shake hands with us, or no longer kiss. Social distancing could last much longer than we imagine. The positive point is that it will lead us to more respect the rules of hygiene aimed at protecting us from various diseases.

3- Questioning our lifestyle.

Above all, the crisis will change our lifestyle and we will move less. Maybe we will be so used to making video calls that we will forget to go see Grandpa and Mamy?  In this regard, many tools like Zoom and Skype have exploded popularity records. Similarly, seminars and major events will no longer be essential since some may be held online. The idea of ​​being in markets with lots of people will probably please us much less. Instead of twice a week, some may shop once every two weeks.

4- Many separations.

Unfortunately, this is what lies in wait for the many households that can no longer support themselves since confinement. The associations for the protection of women's rights announce that between 30 and 40% more women will be exposed to domestic violence. And even for couples who were in harmony, having to support each other for 8 hours more is an ordeal that many will have to face. It is therefore natural that we can expect a few ruptures as soon as the containment is lifted, let's hope it would not be too much all the same.

5- The acceleration of home delivery

The conclusion is clear: the restaurants which are most affected by the crisis are those which do not offer home delivery because most of them had to simply close. The current context will probably serve as a boost to revitalize this activity and allow us to order in almost all our favorite restaurants.


And you know what ? The Mater Market proposes to deliver to all its customers in Douala and Yaoundé in Cameroon:

Soon, your favorite restaurants will be just a click away thanks to our new baby "La Mater Express", stay tuned 

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