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In Africa, any occasion is good to come together

In Africa, any occasion is good to come together

Meetings, baptisms, funerals etc ... are all centered on a good snack 


In Cameroon, they are called the " tontines », A form of microcredit before the hour, between individuals who come together and regularly pay money to a common fund. Today, the tontine is only part of our meetings. The distinguishing element here being the "11th point" (the snack). A meeting is all the more successful as the menus are varied and appetizing. Whoever receives the meeting must ensure that each member finds their account on the table.

Another celebration whose primary purpose is often overlooked is the deuil (funerals). Many people present at funerals in our regions have no connection with the deceased. This is one of the events that requires the most investment in preparations, especially in the kitchen.

The baptisms, first communions, weddings are also events that often give rise to feasts. Going to a baptism almost inevitably means getting ready to please your taste buds.

We talked about food, but drink is just as important, if not more important.

The bright side

Don't we say that eating well is the beginning of happiness? The snack brings the festive side to the meetings. Very often, it helps calm hearts after disputes related to finances. 

The fact of marking religious events with a meal makes it possible to bring the family together, to find people whom we do not have the opportunity to see every day.

During the funeral, the moment of the snack makes it possible to escape, to think of something else, to relativize in front of a good dish.

But at what cost ?

Most of our mothers have what is called "reunion". They are members of 3,4,5 meetings. When they receive the members of his meeting, they spend hours, days or even weeks shopping for the meal that will be served to them. This causes a huge waste of time when we know that they are at the same time mothers of families, business executives, entrepreneurs etc.

So this is where La Mater comes in ^ _ ^

The primary goal of our company is to simplify the life of Cameroonians. We attach particular importance to supporting women in their daily tasks. On our website,, you can do your shopping for a meeting or any other reception. If you find it tedious to fill your shopping cart, customer service is always there for you.

There is no time problem, just organizational problems;)


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