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Let’s grow !!

Let’s grow !!


Closed schools, crowded hospitals and major events all canceled or postponed a few months ago was unthinkable. Exchanges and activities are slowing down all over the world, but this is an opportunity for you to get started! Yes, you get into these good practices that you have rejected for so long as reading.

After the little tips on how to keep your line La Mater offers you 3 three books in the personal development category that you must read to emerge a winner from the crisis caused by COVID-19 which is shaking the world.

These books will make you so effective that you can finally get this famous salary increase from your boss who keeps telling you: "there is not enough money". Later, you can start leaving your work because you will have enough additional income to go on a trip, see the most beautiful tours, listen to the songs of birds on the beach or feel the warmth of the sand on you.

1- Unlimited power, Anthony Robbins 

During this unprecedented period, the first weapon you need is mental strength. Anthony Robbins' bestseller reveals the "unlimited power" that your brain holds. This is an opportunity to rediscover yourself.

You will discover how the concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) explained in the book gives you simple tools for success. By reprogramming your mind you will manage your emotions better and will have the ability to appeal to the famous law of attraction by attracting what you desire. Imagine that it is enough for you to visualize the house of your dreams so that a few years later, it is realized: the author explains the method to you.

2- The 4 hour week, Timothy Feriss 

It is not excluded that after this great movement of panic, many leave the confinement walls to be trapped in an even worse routine: that of the metro-work-dodo. If you want to get rid of it, Timothy Feriss' 4 hour week is for you.

The author's method will allow you to halve your workload. You will see how to use Pareto's law in your life to distinguish useful efforts from those that are not. In a few months you will be able to free up enough time to launch a parallel activity (which you have always dreamed of doing) so as to generate other sources of income. You may even want to be your own boss ... Get started, it's time.

3- The 21st century company, Robert Kiyosaki 

If the idea of ​​being an entrepreneur, free and independent appeals to you, you are only at the first step. You still need a lot of tools to see your projects come to fruition. At this point you have been able to redefine an excellent mindset using the force of will. You have also optimized your productivity as an employee in order to start a business.

In this book, the author of "Père Riche, Père Pauvre" presents the essential characteristics of a company that stands out from the competition. You will need very sharp interpersonal skills which you will find the bases in this book in relation to relationship marketing. You will be able to define what type of entrepreneur you want to become, and above all what are the means you will use to achieve success.

If you are more comfortable with audios, you will see that in less than three days, you will be able to finish these three books. On the other hand, if you prefer digital or physical books, it will take you about two weeks at a rate of 3 hours per day. The moments of difficulty are the opportunity to make the best investment of your life: investing in yourself, your personal development.

Taking care of yourself is also taking care of your brain. Take care of yourself!!

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