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The peace tree

The peace tree

The peace tree

Lamater will take you to the customs of western Cameroon with a plant rich in symbolism.
This green plant with thin leaves and long, variety of the species Dracaena fragrans,

is present in almost all concessions in western Cameroon. It is used to symbolize unity or agreement.

Appellation etymology

In several Bamileke countries, this plant is named "pfuekan".

"pfue" means destroy, collapse, undo and kan means barrier closure. The pfuekan can be interpreted as a destroyer of closure, a call for peace.

Some frequent uses

  • Celebrating the birth of twins: In many traditions of Bamileke people, the mother of the twins must span a tree of peace at her front door before entering her house for the first time with her twins.
  • Symbol of the union of two families: the parents of the bride offer it to the couple during the customary marriage.
  • Bye to a deceased person: at the funeral, it is thrown into the grave of the deceased
  • DecorationIt serves as a decorative piece for indoor or outdoor use.

Note: the tree of peace is nowadays found in other regions of the country, sign of the communion of various Cameroonian cultures.


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