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The peace tree, more than a plant!

Present in many Cameroonian concessions, specifically Bamileke, this plant is associated with many beliefs and virtues. LaMater offers you to discover why and how it is used.


The plantain pounded

Made mainly from plantains, palm oil and beans, plantain pudding is a well-known dish in western Cameroon. The recipe is long but very easy to do. But ... he will have to have his arms a little muscular :)

The mater gives you the procedure to follow for in the smallest details. Treat yourself!



  • Well-being is a large group influenced mainly by a good diet, because eating well allows you to be in perfect health, fulfilled and full of energy. But few people eat properly.

So, La Mater offers you his advice and tips for eating better, here!


    Cameroonian cuisine is one of the most refined in Africa.
    Indeed, Cameroon presents a unique culinary diversity because of the geological, geographical and climatic differences, and also because of its ethnic diversity.
    The Mater Service offers you some Cameroonian cuisine recipes and allows you to easily prepare them thanks to the packs made up of the different ingredients of each recipe.
    So, we wish you a lot of pleasure in the preparation of these dishes. Enjoy your meal !