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Avocado hair mask

Avocado hair mask

The avocado is a fruit mainly known in the kitchen. We love to eat it on toast, in summer salads…; but did you know hair loves it too ? Indeed, avocado is an ideal natural ingredient to make recipes and sublimate your hair .

Benefits of avocado for hair:
  • feeds in depth
  • rich in vitamins A, E, and C essential fatty acids
  • regenerates et fortified hair fiber
  • protects hair from dehydration
  • create a protective barrier which protects the hair from aggressions (heat, sun, salt water, chlorinated water)
  • makes them soft and shiny curls
  • promotes growth hair
  • ideal for fight against breakage and split ends
Mask recipe á avocado for the hair:

This avocado mask recipe is very simple to make and contains only 2 ingredients : of the'fresh avocado and Organic Avocado Oil you can also use organic olive oil ! Its creamy texture is very pleasant to apply and curls are nourished, fortified et protected !

The ingredients (to be adapted according to your length):
  • half a ripe avocado (or one avocado)
  • 1 teaspoon of the chosen oil (or 2 tsp)
The procedure :
  1. Purée the avocado with a fork or a mixer (immersing or blender) to obtain a smooth texture.
  2. Add the chosen Oil and mix until you obtain a homogeneous paste.
  3. Your avocado hair mask is ready!
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