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Keeping your line during containment

Keeping your line during containment

Nothing better to gain a few pounds than staying at home!

La Mater you offers some tips to keep your line (or at least limit the damage) during this period of confinement.

1. We don't stop eating.

If you work from home, if you have to babysit, you still need calories to last all day. Continue to take your 2/3 meals a day according to your habits; the whole thing being to avoid taking anything at any time.

2. Maintain a sporting activity.

Do not spend the day lying in your sofa !! It is the worst attitude to adopt. You need to exercise on the move. You can follow online lessons, fitness videos on youtube etc ...

Motivate yourself by doing it as a family.



3. Drink enough

Some water!!

No soft drinks don't count. When you're at home you can quickly forget to stay hydrated. Don't wait until you're thirsty to get yourself a big glass of water.

4. Treat yourself from time to time

A family aperitif, a pancake party, decompress 2 to 3 times a week with the products you like. The main thing is not to abuse it.

Chocolate for example is known for its anti-depression virtues thanks to magnesium and zinc, a reasonable portion will do you good.

5. Distinguish between snacking on hunger

Based on the time! An hour after having breakfast you feel like eating? It is clearly not hunger. Ask yourself if an apple will be enough to calm your craving. If the answer is yes you are surely not hungry, just want to snack.


In conclusion, what you need more than anything during this period is discipline. Having rhythmic days, meals planned and prepared in advance will prevent you from eating wrongly and through.

Nobody wants to get out of this period with 10 more pounds, take care of yourself.



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It's great this idea in order to avoid weight gain that we will probably regret after confinement.
Thanks to “la mater service” for this blog


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