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How to ensure the health of his family from afar?

How to ensure the health of his family from afar?


According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 2 human beings in ten years will be obese. It is true that obesity is a factor that particularly affects certain developed countries, but if you think that it does not concern poor countries, you are seriously wrong. According to the WHO, the poor are more exposed to obesity because their diet, oriented towards the cheapest is also filled with ultra-processed products.


What about Africa?

Think about it, you yourselves know that our mothers, aunts and sisters in Africa are very often overweight.

And the cultural burden does not help matters, in our regions, we prefer a more corpulent woman to another thinner in general. And now even men are not spared since it is now seen as a sign of financial ease. "If he is fat it is because his life is draining" , "He has the belly of presidents"... So many sentences that explain why some people no longer even fight against overweight.

If we do the summary so far, we have a diet naturally rich in lipids and salt, related diseases that make our parents less active from a certain age and societal factors that do not help matters at all. . So do you really think that the best way to keep your family healthy is by paying them big treatments and spending a fortune on drugs?

The fight takes place well upstream, precisely in food.

What you need to know is that at your small level, you have the power to make a difference for your loved ones. This is true if you live with them but it remains so even if, and especially if you are abroad. At La Mater Service, this is our deep conviction, by delivering quality products to your loved ones, you can guarantee them better long-term health.

Nothing says that the first time you go to order on they are not going to prefer to have money in cash, it is even very likely, even if they do not tell you. But at least you'll have the reassurance that you know where what you've sent is going: in quality, carefully selected food for your loved ones. In any case, this is the observation that one of our clients told us:

“The first time I went shopping for my mom, she was naturally very happy, the second time too, I just felt she was a little embarrassed, like she had something to tell me. was only after that she asked me why I did not send the money directly to her. I knew why I was doing it, I got a little stubborn and I did well! I continued to send her vegetables and fruit via the La Mater site. It was not until long after that she confessed to me that if she herself had to think about buying fruit, it was hardly ever going to happen, but that there, she once got into the habit "Achille, Lyon in France.

We can never say it enough prevention is better than cure, you gain a lot by having quality products delivered to your loved ones, it saves you from spending astronomical sums for treatments and operations. Nothing beats health, preserve it and share more than fresh food on, share love ❀

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