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How to hold on during Ramadan

How to hold on during Ramadan

In French as in English, the word “ramadan” is used interchangeably to designate the holy month for Muslims and, by metonymy, fasting or saoum8. This definition comes to us from wikipedia.

During this period (which began on April 23 and which ends on May 23), Muslims generally follow a fast which consists, among other things, of depriving themselves of food during the day and then in the evening, sharing a meal with the family.

The restrictions are not always easy to comply with as they require you to change your habits for a month. In this article, La Mater service offers you little tips that will make your life easier during this period:

1. Eat well

It is advisable to eat a full meal in order to start the day well. It is therefore a question of eating food which will allow your body to hold. To do this, bet on protein et carbohydrates complete (slow sugar) which can suppress hunger over a long period. Although the evening meal is usually festive, avoid overeating for fear of having a bloated stomach which will cause slow digestion and therefore potentially disturbed sleep. During this period, fruits will be your allies (when it is possible to eat of course;)).

2. Hydrating is important

After such a long day, it is necessary to stay hydrated. Beware of diuretic drinks (which leads to an increase in urinary secretion), this is to rehydrate you, not to eliminate toxins. You should drink lots of water and avoid overly sweet drinks.

3. Limit efforts

During this period, sport is not recommended as it may cause either dehydration (which cannot be compensated for before the break in the fast) or else a loss of energy (which can cause hypoglycemia and further discomfort).

To learn more about the foods to favor during this period, I invite you to consult the special Ramadan pack that we have designed for you.

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