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Well-being is a large group influenced mainly by a good diet, because eating well allows you to be in perfect health, fulfilled and full of energy. But few people eat properly.

So, La Mater offers you his advice and tips for eating better, here!


The basics of food

  • Eat natural: very important because many of the chemicals we eat are harmful to our health.
  • Promote foods rich in protein and fiber such as: eggs; milk; tuna; the vegetables; the bean; Fish; the shrimp; avocado; pears, apples, bananas, etc. 
    • Consume various vegetables; in Cameroon we have delicious đŸ€€ dishes made with vegetables such as okok, sanga, kwem, ndolĂ©, etc ...
    • Eat the whole fruit rather than their juice.
    • Eat good fat.
    • Eliminate everything that is refined.
    • Avoid sugar, trans fatty acids and alcohol.
    • Opt for vegetable carbohydrates and whole grains.
    • To drink a lot of water.
    • Eat without consuming less than 1500 calories a day! ;)
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