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Well thought-out and profitable races 🛍🍅🥩🦈

Well thought-out and profitable races 🛍🍅🥩🦈

Did you know?

Shopping well in Africa (in Cameroon) is an undertaking, and with a few simple tips it becomes a piece of pleasure 😉.


Rule 1: we anticipate the races ☝🏾

To do : menus for the week and a shopping list adapted to save time avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Hint: If we know the market well, we can even organize its list according to the order of our assos, eat or drink a glass of fruit juice before shopping to avoid the munchies.


Rule 2: it makes its purchases profitable ☝🏾

To do : you buy more, it will prepare two meals at once. And we prefer poultry and quality fish, faster to cook 🤫 (the ladies will understand me).

Not to do : believe on the word traders. Experience is better than theory. 🙃


Rule 3: we buy useful ☝🏾

The essentials of the fridge:
Dairy products (milk, yogurts, cheeses) for breakfast, desserts, eggs for omelettes, a few bags of frozen products (apples, ... for the busiest ☺).

The essentials of the cupboards:
Condiments (vegetable oils, vinegar, spices) for seasoning and flavoring dishes, groceries (starchy foods, pulses, preserves) as a basis for complete dishes.

Seasonal products:
Often tastier because harvested at maturity 😋, at lower prices than products grown out of season.

Some rules that La Mater applies to do your shopping in Cameroon and deliver to your families directly to their homes. ☺,

Our experienced team is here for you, if you have questions 😉

Can not you market yourself?
Do not hesitate any longer La Mater Manages 🤝!

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Very practical for our parents, fast and serious service. I recommend.


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