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African mom at the kitchen

10 Superb cooking tips tested and proven.

Bowls that smell of mold? burnt rice or just a desire for successful popcorn? Our moms always have little tips to perfect their cooking. Interested in "grandmother's" tips? Those little things that grandmother and mom often did in the kitchen that you didn't understand why or how? 

At La Mater, we have listed for you 10 superb tips that you can use in the kitchen, you will not regret it. If you like, don't hesitate to share it around you.

Come on! We begin

  1. Remove bad odors from your hands after cutting onions or garlic:
    To remove these bad smells, rub your hands with a stainless steel spoon. Stainless steel will absorb bad odors.

  2. Do you see the bowls you use to store food? Often for children's snacks.
    Here is a picture:

    Well, when it stays closed, it tends to keep a certain odor which can be unpleasant. To avoid this, add a pinch of salt before putting them away.

  3. You burned rice ?
    No problem, it happens even to the greatest cooks. To make the burnt smell disappear, you can cut bread into slices (or just remove the bread crumbs) to put on the rice for 5 to 10 min. This will absorb the burnt taste. But be careful not to serve the bottom of the pot.


  4. Do you want to cut pepper?

    Before doing this, rub a little vegetable oil on your hands. This will prevent your skin from absorbing the active ingredient in the pepper.

  5. Have you had eggs at home for a while and you no longer know if they are good or not?

    A large glass of water is enough to remove the question. Immerse the egg in the glass filled with water. If the egg stays at the bottom, then it's good to eat. If only a tip of the egg hits the bottom, it is no longer very fresh, it should be eaten quickly. If the egg floats, then it is expired.

  6. Do you have ants in your kitchen?

    To keep ants away from your kitchen, follow the ants column to see where they enter your kitchen. Then apply petroleum jelly to plug the hole through which they enter. Ants cannot pass through petroleum jelly. If ants enter your kitchen under a door, draw a thick line with chalk. Ants abhor chalk and will not cross that line.
  7. Fancy popcorn for a reception?

    Before preparing them, soak the corn seeds in water for 10 minutes. Then drain the seeds and prepare your popcorn as usual. This allows the corn to pop faster. In addition to this method, leaves less unpopped seeds. 

  8. Did you forget to get the meat out of the freezer in time?

    Use white vinegar to allow the meat to thaw faster. It will tenderize the meat and allow it to thaw very quickly

  9. Scoops in your salt box?

    To prevent this, you can add grains of rice to the salt. Rice will absorb moisture.

  10.  A frying oil that kept the smell of the fish from the day before?
    Look for ginger. Brown a small piece of ginger (8mm) in the oil, the ginger will absorb all the tastes (and smells) that have remained in the oil.
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